This site serves as a resource for running a game set in the Eberron Campaign Setting (© 2004 Wizards of the Coast) using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (© 2009 Paizo Publishing). Included are reworks of old mechanics as well as advice on fitting elements of Pathfinder into the Eberron setting.

This work assumes that you possess a copy of Eberron Campaign Setting 3.5, as well as the Pathfinder rules (most of which is available at Eberron material which is not covered here should be assumed to use the mechanics from the ECS.

Significant changes

  • Dragonmarks are attained through the Eldritch HeritageUM feat chain or sorcerer levels (with the new House Member trait for support). Some dragonmarks have different skills to accomodate the new skill system - otherwise half of them would have Perception. Siberys marks are simply the category after Greater, and do not follow different rules. Due to the new structure, dragonmarks grant more spells but only from levels 1-9; powers which were cantrips can be accessed through the new Advanced Dragonmark feat.
  • Changelings can shift around their stats along with their appearance.
  • Kalashtar can choose alternate powers in place of mindlink.
  • Shifting is far more customisable. As in, there are thousands of possible kinds before adding feats. It follows the PF "rounds per day" pattern, but it's possible to keep it up longer by spending actions. Also, gorebrute is more usable. Weretouched Master is a feat.
  • Warforged can have any kind of plating they want, or none at all. Also rocket fists.


28/10/11: Added Gnomes, and Cyran Marksman trait.
05/10/11: Added Ship Pet trait, Witch of Khyber/Grand Witch of Khyber hexes.
03/10/11: Added more traits.
29/09/11: Added Psiforged and Body Double alternate racial traits for warforged.
25/09/11: Added Warforged Tank feat.
07/09/11: Added Construct Summoner archetype for summoners.
29/08/11: Added Exorcist archetype for witch hunters.
28/08/11: Expanded Classes in the World to all current 1st-party and a few 3rd-party classes, added Warforged Armiger favoured class option.
26/08/11: Added info on Death Mages in Eberron, including support for basing the class on Deathless instead of Undead.
23/08/11: Added Wandslinger archetype for gunslingers, plus Amateur Wandslinger variant feat and rules on enchanting spell trigger items as weapons.
20/08/11: Added Inspired Inquisitor archetype, clarified how throwing an Integrated Weapon works and added the Returning Weapon feat for support.
16/08/11: Added Tashalatora archetypes for psychic warriors and soulknives.
26/07/11: Added Fractured Psyche feat.
23/07/11: Added Favoured Classes for Hobgoblins.
21/07/11: Added Favoured Classes for Daelkyr Halfbloods.
19/07/11: Added Battlechanger feat.
14/07/11: Added Bone Knight archetype/order for cavaliers.

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