Death Mages And Deathless

A death mage can choose to focus his talents on deathless rather than undead. Such a character may choose to gain the Deathless domain for his Death Bond. In addition he adds the following spells to his spell list:
1st: cure light wounds
2nd: cure moderate wounds
3rd: cure serious wounds, halt deathless
4th: cure light wounds (mass), cure critical wounds
5th: cure moderate wounds (mass)
6th: create deathless, cure serious wounds (mass), heal
7th: control deathless, cure critical wounds (mass)
8th: create greater deathless, cure grievous wounds (mass)
9th: heal (mass)

The following spells are removed:
1st: inflict light wounds
2nd: inflict moderate wounds
3rd: inflict serious wounds, halt undead
4th: inflict light wounds (mass), inflict critical wounds
5th: inflict moderate wounds (mass)
6th: create undead, inflict serious wounds (mass), harm
7th: control undead, inflict critical wounds (mass)
8th: create greater undead, inflict grievous wounds (mass)
9th: harm (mass)

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