Advanced Dragonmark (Dragonmark)

You have achieved finer control over your dragonmark.
Prerequisites: Dragonmark, character level 3rd
Benefit: Add the following to the list of spells granted by your dragonmark. Using your 1st-level bloodline ability to cast these spells does not expend daily uses of that ability.

  • Detection: detect magic, detect poison
  • Finding: know direction, sift
  • Handling: charm animal
  • Healing: stabilize, virtue
  • Hospitality: prestidigitation, purify food and drink
  • Making: mending, open/close
  • Passage: mount
  • Scribing: arcane mark, read magic
  • Sentinel: mage armor
  • Shadow: beguiling gift
  • Storm: alter winds
  • Warding: mask dweomer
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