Weretouched Master (Shifter)

Prerequisites: Shifter, character level 5th
Benefit: Choose one animal; when shifting you may choose to take the form of that animal as with beast shape I. This replaces the normal benefits of shifting. Shifting in this manner is a standard action rather than a free action, but it still counts against your total number of minutes shifted per day.
Special: At 8th level you may instead expend replicate a beast shape II effect. At 11th level you may replicate a beast shape III effect. At 14th level you may replicate a beast shape IV effect. You must choose one form for each version of this ability.
Special: The transformation granted by this feat is considered to be wild shape for the purposes of prerequisites. You may expend 2 minutes of shifting in place of a use of wild shape for the use of an item or ability based on uses of wild shape (such as a [Wild] feat).

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