New Hexes

Witch of Khyber (Su): If the witch possesses the Aberrant Dragonmark feat she may use her Intelligence modifier to determine the save DCs of her aberrant dragonmark, as well as its number of uses per day. At 4th level she may treat the spell-like abilities granted by that feat as hexes, allowing her to use them at will. At 8th level she may also treat the SLAs granted by the Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark feat as hexes, and at 12th level this extends to the Greater Aberrant Dragonmark feat.

New Major Hexes

Grand Witch of Khyber (Su): A witch with this hex does not risk becoming dazed when using her Aberrant Dragonmark. In addition she gains Aberrant Dragonmark, Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark or Greater Aberrant Dragonmark as a bonus feat, as long as she meets the prerequisites. The witch must possess the Witch of Khyber hex to select this hex.

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