Ship Pet (Regional-Lhazaar Principalities)

You own a small animal trained to assist on a ship.
Benefit: You possess an animal from the list available as familiars. This animal has hit points equal to half your own and BAB equal to half your character level (if higher than its original stats). In addition it possesses the Link ability as an animal companion, but gains no other benefits of either class feature. You may only have one pet at a time; if your pet dies or is released from your service you may train another valid animal for one week to make it your new pet. Released pets lose the increased stats from being a pet.
Special: You may take the Improved Familiar feat to gain a more powerful pet, treating the pet as a familiar and your character level as your arcane caster level; this does not grant it any familiar abilities.
Special: If you gain a familiar you may designate this animal as your familiar; in place of the normal benefits of this trait you gain a +1 bonus to your effective wizard level for determining its abilities.

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